2 Things to Laser-Focus on When Your Car Needs to Be Clean Now

If you need to have a car that will impress a date, or be immune to your parent's criticism, and you sort of—what's the word? Completely forgot to clean it until the last minute. Then you need to focus down on the most important parts of your vehicle to get it clean fast.

Go from dusty to shining paint in minutes.

Your car's paint job is what makes the biggest first impression, so it's important to get it sparkling. When you don't have time for a full wash and clay bar treatment, it's okay to skip the soap, and just rinse down with a hose.

Spray what's called a "drying agent" onto a clean microfiber towel to lubricate it and prevent scratches, and wipe it down to a shine. Don't worry if it's not completely dry, it will dry off as you drive.

Get rid of the trash stored in your car.

Your car is not a trash bin, but sometimes you treat it like one. If your passenger-side floor is coated with plastic water bottles, and the cup holders are stuffed with candy wrappers, the biggest difference you can make quickly is simply throwing all that stuff in a garbage bag, and removing it from the car.

Take out any random items you've been storing in the trunk, too.

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