Car Safety Tips for Tweens

September 17 to 23 is Child Passenger Safety Week all across the country, including here in North Aurora. When we talk about children riding in cars, it's important to remember that we're talking about older children up to age 13, too.

"Tweens" are one of the most challenging groups, because they're at the age when they want to be treated like adults. They start to get embarrassed about "kid stuff," which may include riding in the back seat, or using a booster seat. Unfortunately, these are important safety rules, and following them can save your child's life!

Though it may be tempting to let your child ride shotgun when there are no other adult passengers in the car, the force of an airbag deploying can injure or even kill small children. The back seat—particularly the back center seat—is the safest place for them.

Normal seat belts are designed to protect adult-size passengers. When children use them, the belts often ride too high on their abdomen, and the shoulder straps cross their neck. Booster seats are needed to correct their sitting position for a good belt fit.

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